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Prior to ordering call to discuss your needs. Planning is the key for successful capture. Footage is delivered in multiple MP4 video files (other codecs available). All files are delivered raw without color grading or sharpening. Footage only provided to end-user. This package only serves Chicagoland, Greater Milwaukee, and Northwest Indiana.

  • Includes One (1) Staff Member to capture footage.
  • Drone Footage: Exterior/Interior, airspace review required/confirmation of clear heights for interior.
  • Ground Footage: Exterior/Interior, between one (1) and three (3) areas captured per hour, many factors to consider, call to discuss. Various footage styles may be provided.
  • Interviews: Up to (3) three interviews per hour, includes teleprompter upload or documentary style. One hour (1) subtracted for location setup. For multiple locations subtract one hour per location. Client responsible for all copy, must be provided 48 hours prior to shoot. Representative must be onsite during interview. Each interview requires one (1) hour for post production of audio to merge audio to video and master sound. Other than audio delivered raw and uncut, i.e. no colorizing, no graphics, no lower thirds etc.
  • From Car Footage: Video or Hyper-Lapse. 1 hour minimum.
  • Time-Lapse: One (1) hour per time-lapse (30 min. capture/30 min. process).
  • Hyper-Lapse: One (1) hour per hyper-lapse (30 min. capture/30 min. process).
  • Footage capture includes one (1) cumulative 30 minute grace period. Thereafter you are charged $150 per hour in 10ths of an hour.


  • Drone Footage requires airspace review prior to order. Request Airspace Review.
  • Time onsite begins after the first capture starts.
  • Subject site/areas assumed 100% ready for capture on date scheduled.
  • Shot list must be provided at least 48 hours before capture date.
  • Amount and time of footage depends on subjects captured.
  • Footage delivered in MP4. Other Codecs available. Call to discuss.
  • Advise building/security to provide access without delay. Have key fob/house key ready.
  • Exterior footage captured from within property line, up to immediately adjacent the property and across the street on public-right-of-way only (may not apply to drone footage).
  • Footage capture options, HD or 4k, at 23.98, 29.97, 59.94 or 120 frames. We will discuss the best fit for your needs.
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